In the beginning

The last of the polls have just closed for the second round of the French Presidential election of 2012.  Exit pollsters have been talking discretely about a Socialist victory since the beginning of the afternoon and their verdict is now official.  Whether François Hollande has won with a margin of 52.5% to 47.5% for Nicolas Sarkozy or even more than that, it is enough to bring the Socialists back to the Elysée Palace for the first time since 1995.

I didn’t vote.  I’m not entitled to in this country.  For I am one of the 7.2 million foreign citizens living in France.  Whilst I am unable to sound off about national politics in the ballot box, this blog is my 2 cents.

I have been what can awkwardly be described as “centre-left”, politically speaking.  The word “Socialist” seems to me to be somewhat antiquated; the word “Social-Democrat” smacks of something that came out of a focus group.  So left’s stay with “centre-left”.  Why is that important?  Because this blog seeks to be a critical but interested (politically speaking) tool to both explain and analyse the progress of the new French left-wing administration.  I’m a market-friendly, capitalist who believes in private enterprise and wealth creation, but I don’t see any contradiction with an element of state intervention in serious cases, I don’t have an issue with regulating the market and I am in favour of social safety nets.  Whether the French government that will now begin to move into their new offices, believe that is not at all clear.

So let’s see if I can maintain my balance on the tightrope that will be French politics for the next five years.  And more importantly, whether those that have been elected can…


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