The Big Round Table

The last two days have been spent by the new French government meeting and talking with what in France are known as the “social partners”. This expression, strange to Anglo-Saxon ears, has been commented on by me in an earlier incarnation of this blog here.  The importance of the social partners, both for the governing of various aspects of the French economy and labour market and in the national psyche itself, should not be underestimated. So why has the government spent two days in closed door sessions with them, and what could be the result of these discussions? Continue reading


Why the Far Left deserves my (and your) derision – and what it can do about it

What has happened to the far left in France?  From its heights after the Second World War, where it regularly featured as the third (and sometimes even second) political force in France, the far left has been reduced to a rump movement in the French political landscape.  Here’s why, and here’s what can be done about it. Continue reading