The Incompetent Left

It has been sometime since I lasted posted on this blog; my silence deserves an explanation. This year I skipped the Summer conference of the French Socialists in the pretty seaside town of La Rochelle; that absence deserves an explanation. But above all, the title of this post, written by someone who has felt connected in a deep and enduring way to the ideas and the principles of the centre left, to the extent that my tribalism would not permit me to stray from the main parties who represent those principles in the countries in which I have lived (Labour in the UK and the PS in France) deserves an explanation.

Proud to be a Socialist, I have been and remain, but I can no longer tolerate the state of the left in France (and indeed elsewhere – a quick detour to England will occupy some of this post). For the worst crime of a political movement is not to lose an election, not to change its principles in changing times, nor even to make fatal errors in judgment, but to fail to aspire to power or, when in power, to fail to govern.
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