Green with Anger, Green with Envy

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to make of the Greens.  With a groundswell of public support for their central platform (the world is burning and something must be done) and the privileged position of an electoral pact with the ruling majority party, the Greens have everything going for them.  And yet instead they find themselves continuously marginalised by the consequences of their own behaviour.  What role therefore for the Greens in French politics? Continue reading


With Friends Like These…

In the run up to the Presidential election, messy bargaining was undertaken by the parties on the political left.  The dominant force and favourite to win power, the Socialists, needed to shore up their base by bringing in some of the far left and the Greens.  Deals were done with the Greens, and un uneasy understanding was reached with the Communists.  The remaining archipelago of leftist groups agreed tacitly not to grumble too much, but then they remain largely muted outside of the Presidential campaign.  Today that coalition of the unenthusiastic seems to be crumbling.  How can the Socialists keep them on side; and should they even try? Continue reading