Taxing Questions

I didn’t think I would write any other posts on this blog.  The Presidential and Legislative campaigns of 2017, which saw the political movement I have supported (in various guises and in various countries) for 20 years almost wiped out.  The Parti Socialiste (PS) agonizes still, and has begun the process of choosing its new leadership, more of which elsewhere on this blog (as I am increasingly infuriated at that).  However, what has moved me to write after such a long gap is my frustration at French attitudes to taxation.

I pride myself on my degree of assimilation into the French way of life, language, culture and politics.  However I scratch my head with bewilderment every time the subject turns to taxation, for the French are afflicted with a terrible disease – that of the New Tax. Continue reading


Cresson Syndrome

Edith Cresson is a watchword in French politics for bumbling incompetence.  The much-maligned former Prime Minister (her tenure lasted less than one year from 1991 to 1992) and scandal-ridden European Commissioner managed to accumulate gaffe after gaffe in her short career, alienating supporters and enraging opponents.  Now, with the current Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, spending a whole day backpedaling from a confusing comment on abolishing the 35 hour working week, the knives are out in the media and the opposition for a Prime Minister whose “Cressonisation” is apparently accelerating.  Is the Prime Minister really about to fall, leading to a dissolution of the National Assembly and a return of the right, as predicted by Jean-Louis Borloo? Continue reading